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7.42 cm above ground that's where freedom starts!


- is the name for pushtype scooters designed and produced by BlauWerk Austria

- is the help for city-traffic and fresh air to breathe

- is the fun, innovation and lifestyle

- is the new world-record machine

- is the product for every age

- is 4 you


Scooters for adults are a growing sensation at the European market. It is much better and faster to drive with the sidewalker than walking long distances. It is so easy to use - why should the fun of "scooting" be reserved for the little ones. Now, as adults, we use a scooter again, a professional high technical product of high quality.

On the development of this product Blauwerk gave equal emphasis to high functionality, quality and convincing design. In recognition of these efforts the sidewalker PSI received the austrian state award at the eco-design competition in 1993. The SIDEWALKER was rated a "chosen design" of 1993 by the austrian state awards for design. The German quality designation "prooved security" shows how closely BlauWerk watches over their quality in all products. The latest success was a cooperation with the famous designer PHILIPP STARCK, who chose the SIDEWALKER CRUISER for his new catalogue: GOOD GOODs by Starck for 2000.

What is sidewalkin´ ?

- relaxed cruising through busy, conjested city streets:

instead of walking, you get on, push and off you cruise, shopping, to the coffeehouse, or to meet your date; no more being out of breath from rushing on your feet, no more stress from driving in traffic jams. Don´t mind your dress, there is no chain or oil on a SIDEWALKER.

- the most exiting trip for downhill- tracks:

The SIDEWALKER DOWNHILL PRO started competing against mountain bikes in downhill races and our champions got great results.

- Freestyle riding:

on the BMX SIDEWALKER FREESTYLE (available in summer 1999) you can perform the wildest acrobatic exercises and stunts. it's new york street life at its best!

- woman´s best friend

Fitness training with a SIDEWALKER, especially using both legs for pushing. That´s real fun and make your legs stronger and gives your body an attractive shape. The SIDEWALKER is also used for therapy against cellulite and it really works !

- training for athletes:

best strength increasing results for thigh muscles and backstretching. Top athletes in the Austrian skiing team have reported absolute enjoyment and astounding success with their exercise programs using the SIDEWALKER.

- 2 world-records in 1996 !!

The German SIDEWALKER racing team holds the long distance world record with scooters in a 24 and 50 hours race.

The vehicles covered:
342 miles - at an average speed of 16.5 mph in 24 hours
712 miles - at an average speed of 14.2 mph in 50 hours.

- "east step west"

Sidewalker crossed the Ural mountains !! In October 1996 Joachim Franz and his team crossed the Ural mountains in Russia. With the SIDEWALKER DOWNHILL they did 970 miles in 10 days on snow-, gravel- and bitumenroads.

- used in physical-therapy for:

retraining / reactivating cyclic running motions, flexibility and strengthening of muscular tissues, coordination training after injuries involving the knees and hips.

- park and ride:

stressfree and environmentally friendly you make your way from the long-term parking lot into the city center. Depending on your model the SIDEWALKER is easy to transport either in the back of your car or in the station wagon. The sidewalker will save you time and parking fines!

- best way of getting around ...

... in large companies, hospitals, airports, campgrounds, harbours, as well as in- and outdoor conventions. In any case sidewalkin' guarantees an unbeatable driving experience

- "Fahrvergnügen!" - for young and old

In the city a peaceful coexistence between pedestrians and scooters is guaranteed everywhere, because sidewalker's speed is easy to control, and you're always able to get on and off quickly.

- Sidewalkin' is in:
Everybody regardless of age and fitness level can join in.

The SIDEWALKER is a vehicle that is primarily not achievement oriented. Because today's trendsetters want to use their imagination! The trademark of the SIDEWALKER CITY is its exceptional form and its 26" wheels, which have caused a sensation whole over Europe.

There are many scooters,
but only one SIDEWALKER, the original

Blauwerk - the authentic scooter specialist

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